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Meet the Cast of Treading Yesterday

Mili Rakic , a relative newcomer is a comedian and an actor whose credits include: Trans-generational Trauma Project (Art Film), Tinder Tales (Web series) and many live comedic appearances ranging from radio shows to the festival circuit.  Mili states that he was “initially attracted to Treading Yesterday because it is a Gay story told by Gay individuals dealing with Gay issues and that those of us in the LGBT community are still underrepresented as a historically and highly ostracized minority whose struggles, milestones and achievements have been blatantly disregarded and understated.  This incredible story pairs the historical hurdles that the LGBT community has faced along with a highly relatable character driven drama that most audiences can relate to.  As an actor and as a proud Gay man, I felt compelled to share this story with the world.”

Mili Rakic as Eric Knox

Kai Morgan originally from Texas started modeling at the age of sixteen, taking him to runway and commercial modeling in Tokyo, Japan before moving to LA.  Kai states that “The reason I wanted to be an actor was to give people the same thing I get when I watch a show.  I want them to laugh, to cry but most importantly, to think.  I think that a show like Treading Yesterday is the perfect place to do that.”

Kai Morgan as Christian O'Neil

Liam Silbernagel grew up in small town Stayton, Oregon where he watched Leonardo DiCaprio movies as a kid while telling everyone that he wanted to be an actor.  Liam’s dream came true when the American Academy of Dramatic Arts accepted him three years ago. On a lighter note, Liam states that from a young age he’d walk around in his underwear impersonating his favorite movie characters and that now at the age of twenty he’s found his voice but still enjoys the same process.”  Liam further states that “I am very excited to join the Treading Yesterday team for one reason:  To make the audience FEEL.”

Liam Silbernagel as Will Morgan 

Jax Buresh as Robert Fox

Jax Buresh describes himself as a small town kid with big city dreams relocating to Hollywood from his home in Alaska just a year ago.   Since arriving, he has enjoyed working on a number of projects ranging from independent horror feature films to a Country Western video.  Jax was drawn to Treading Yesterday as he seeks out projects that are both inspiring and relevant.  Jax stated that “Although the aim of the show is to entertain it will also offer insights into the important journey for LGBT equality while at the same time keeping its viewers on the edge of their seats, tuning in for more.”

Carlos Clemenz as Alex Ibarra

Carlos Clemenz is a stage and television actor new to LA from NY where he was the Host and Executive Producer of the entertainment show The Hollywood View on WTOP10-TV for five seasons.  Carlos’ stage credits include Arcadia, Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure and Great Expectations.  Carlos states that he is thrilled to join the cast of Treading Yesterday in the role of Alex and in bringing this unique and complex character to life.

Kyla Sylvers as Patrice Hamilton

Kyla Sylvers originally from Chicago has had the opportunity to follow her life-long passion of acting by performing in numerous stage productions from Chicago to London and from LA to New York.  The characters she portray show a wide range with many of them allowing her to express both her comedic and dramatic abilities.  As a recent graduate of the University of Southern California’s theater program, Kyla is ready to take on the world.  Kyla stated that “Being a part of Treading Yesterday is so important to me because the LGBT community has been forced into isolation for so many years, which is sickening.  I believe that it is important for the oppressed to have a voice to show just how strong and human they actually are.  People are people no matter what and love is love, no matter what.”

A recent graduate from the BFA Program at USC, Patrick is honored to be a part of this project.  He is currently in another Web Series called Shoe Me with all USC alums, which begins shooting this July.  Patrick wrote and starred in his last short this past May, the projects focus being on sexual identity and the relationship contention that comes with modern day norms.  Patrick states that “Treading Yesterday is near to his heart because the education and de-clouding of LGBT history means continued opportunity for equality and recognition as a culture.”

Patrick Reilly as Luke Caro

A. B. Farrelly as Carol Hayes

AB Farrelly is an LA based comedian, actor and voice over artist.  AB’s recent works include Down & Out, The Doll and Dabsity.  AB can also be seen in the new independent feature, Trust (and other lies we tell ourselves to sleep at night).  AB regularly takes to the stage via the North Hollywood with Defiance Theater Company.


Corey Williams as Hot Coco

Corey Williams, is a singer, dancer, actor, and drag performer from Dublin, Ohio. Having worked for Paramount, Disney, Royal Caribbean and a series of stage productions spanning years, Corey performs as "Anisa Love" across the country. Corey is an LGBTQIA+ Activist and advocate for equity and equality for all. Corey is married to his loving husband Brian. 

Steven Scholz as Andrew Bois

Steve has been acting for over forty years primarily in theatre in the Seattle area.  His theatrical experiences include all genres including musicals, drama and comedy.  Steve has also performed in theatrical productions in the LA area.  Steve states that he “is honored to be involved with a project like Treading Yesterday considering the recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality as well as the decision of the Boy Scouts to lift its ban on Gay scout leaders.”  Steve reminds us that it’s important to “remember and learn from how things were in the not too distant past.”

John Reed II as Elicious Taylor

John Reed II originally a native of Akron, Ohio relocated to LA and hit the ground running appearing in a number of short films and participating in background work on numerous television shows.  John holds a BA in both Elementary Education and Theatre Arts from Morehouse College.  John states that he “is excited to join the cast of Treading Yesterday and hopes that the show will not only be entertaining but educational and thought provoking to its viewers.”

Sean Bowe as Aaron Katz

Sean originally hails from Minneapolis, MN where he graduated from the Perpich Center for Arts Education as a Drama Major.  Moving to LA in 2013 upon graduation, Sean has worked as a member of the Stages of Gray Theater Company in productions such as Star Trek Battle Bridge, Aroana Infliction and The Lake House Project Trilogy.  Sean has been working with The Actors Coalition of Los Angeles, a nonprofit focused on helping actors to better themselves and grow their craft.  Sean state states that he “is ecstatic to join the cast of Treading Yesterday.”

Raphael Dirani as Aiden Santos

Raphael first entered acting because a teacher informed his Mother that he was too shy in class.  His Mother’s response was to enroll him in drama class.  Back home in France, Raphael began acting at the age of ten where he entered acting school learning musical theatre while also participating in several community theatre projects.  Raphael is now studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in LA.

Kingsley Uwode as Barry Alcott

Kingsley Uwode was born to Alphea and Kingsley Uwode in Mineloa NY, his Father coming from Lagos, Nigeria met his Mother at the church they both attended.  Kingsley was raised along with two brothers, his younger brother passing away in 2004 and his older brother still residing in Hempstead, NY.  Kingsley grew up in Hempstead NY with a keen love of Science Fiction which followed him into college where he studied Computer Science.  Kingsley now pursues acting to fulfill other dreams that could not be realized in his former career path.

Kyle Patrick Darling joins the cast of Treading Yesterday following a number of amazing projects, most notably a leading role in the short film Undetectable and a supporting role in the feature film The Surface, both of which are currently in the film festival market and receiving amazing reviews.  Kyle’s website, outlines his many projects and accomplishments.  Kyle stated that “What brings me into Treading Yesterday is simply the fact that it tells a very powerful story about the LGBT community and that it’s something that the world is ready to see and that I couldn’t be more excited to be involved in this series and this fantastic community.”

Kyle Patrick Darling as Jerry Gardener

Shaun Brown pz1 smaller (1).jpg

Shaun has actively participated in the arts scene for decades, his first stage appearance being in 1980 followed by his introduction to film work in 2008.  Since completing a career as a Computer Engineer for SAP, Shaun has spent his retirement focused on theatre, film and voiceover work. Shaun is very proud to be a part of Treading Yesterday and in helping to elevate its positive messages of hope and love while reminding the world that there is still progress to be made.

Shaun Brown as Beau Devereux

Jay Headshot.jpeg

Jaydason Miller is an up-and-coming actor from a small town in Maryland where from an early age he felt a sense of thrill anytime that he was given the opportunity to perform. His passion for stage and camera is immense. Jaydason began in musical theatre, performing in several plays before landing his role on Treading Yesterday for which he is incredibly grateful and keenly aware of the impact of this important project. 

Jaydason Miller as Ethan Daniels

Mark Anthony is an American actor, improvisation comedy actor, writer and cinematographer born in Newcastle DE who made his living as a Union Carpenter before becoming an actor.  Mark is currently studying the Meisner technique at Playhouse West theatre in North Hollywood under the instruction of Wolfgang Bodison and Kathleen Randazzo as well as having already completed comedy training under Jim Nieb.  Mark states that he “is happy to be a part of the Treading Yesterday project because I feel it is a project with a a story that comes from the heart and is a story for our times playing out in communities and across society.”

Mark Anthony as Frank Vitale

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