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Every day people are born and every day people die.  
What we’re able to accomplish in our relatively short lives can have a profound effect on others and even on society and the world.
These are the stories of some of those who contributed greatly and for whatever reason aren’t exactly front-of-mind in our collective consciousness. 


SORRY WE MISSED YOU, a thirty- minute Docuseries is intended for streaming or premium cable channel distribution outlets. 

December 24th 2019 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of Yale Professor John Boswell’s death.  Boswell’s many contributions helped shape societies greater acceptance of LGBT people in profound ways.  With a recent survey concluding that 20% of the millennial population identifies as LGBT, Boswell’s work clearly benefited many.  We dedicate the pilot episode of SORRY WE MISSED YOU to Boswell’s life and works as they truly changed the world for the better. 

Future episodes of SORRY WE MISSED YOU will continue to present the lives and works of amazing people who contributed greatly and for whatever reason don't reside front-of-mind in societies collective consciousness.


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