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If there were a way to go back and correct the one thing

you've come to regret most in life, would you, could you, should you?

Eric's already decided, he just didn't tell anyone.



"Treading Yesterday is a brave foray into a part of history often left unexplored in mainstream cinema"

Review by: Raúl Asensio Diaz, as seen in MovieMaker Magazine, May 2023

“Treading Yesterday promises to be an engaging most likely binge-worthy series.”

Helen Wheels, Medium, December 2017

“Treading Yesterday is really on point, a possible revolutionary series that might be your next obsession.”

Treading Yesterday contrasts the late 80’s and the decade’s intolerance of LGBT people, with the present day’s legal and growing social acceptance.  The series plays out through the eyes of Eric, a gay man who is about to cross into middle age; a man who seems to have led a rather charmed life.  The pilot opens “yesterday” before re-setting to December of 1988, in the midst of a monumental anti-gay attack.  As Eric’s story and others unfold via this unique juxtaposition of historical fiction(s), the link between the challenges of the past and those of the present may not be that far apart…

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Feel the Reel, October 2017

“Viewers of Treading Yesterday aren’t only trying to figure out what’s really going on as the series is a bit of a puzzle box, they’re also grappling with the underlying themes of inclusivity and human sameness.”

Antonio Rozich, Cult Critic Film Magazine, December 2017

“Treading Yesterday is a work with an incredible dynamic among the cast. What is the secret to achieving this?”  An Interview with Craig Bettendorf

ISA, July 2018

“Treading Yesterday is groundbreaking, stunning and fresh in its mix of naivete and complexity.”

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