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character connections

Relationships are tricky to navigate. How we relate to one another often decides the direction of our lives whether it's as boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, married couples, acquaintances, friends or best friends. The characters of Treading Yesterday are no different. these Character connections will offer an inside look at the lives and relationships that inspire, stimulate and drive the ambitions, struggles and motivations of the characters of our series.

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will and luke are friends with very different opinions of what that means. Luke wants more from the enigmatic Will who balances their friendship with full knowledge that only one of them wants more.

will and luke

will and kayla

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Will and Kayla first met during Will's freshman year at CSULB, originally bonding over their mutual love of the ocean. Kayla offered Will a safe space from which to voice his growing awareness of his own sexuality. Their bond is resilient and forged in trust.

Professor Miller's first memory of Will was his excessive tardiness. It bothered him that this attractive, athletic young man arrived to class late until they bumped into one another at the beach one weekend, Professor Miller measuring current and wind direction, Will riding every wave that came his way. Soon thereafter a simple recommendation from Dr Miller would change their lives and solidify their friendship.

dr miller and will

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will and eric

Will is drawn to Eric throughout the present day timeline.  Their difference in age doesn't matter to Will as he  has his own agenda.  Their connection is one that confuses while at the same time, enlightens.  

alex and aaron

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Alex is a man with exquisite taste. This translates throughout his life, extending to his selection of boyfriends . Aaron is noticeably younger, self conscious, radiant and insecure. Alex being Alex, couldn't be happier.

Alex and Eric have been best friends and fierce competitors since they first met in college. This brotherly-rivalry echo's throughout their friendship contributing to the underlying tension that drives their actions in relation to one another. Can fierce competitors remain best friends through all of life's unforeseen challenges?

alex and eric

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Christian & Eric's relationship has been termed "it's complicated " since before social media sites offered it as a status. Their commitment and love for one another is both inspiring and devastating and although they'd both object to being labeled as Treading Yesterday's star-crossed lovers, their relationship certainly offers us constant fits and starts.

christian and eric

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mark and eric

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Mark is Eric's repeat hook-up of the 1989 timeline. Smart, assertive and sexually ravenous Mark keeps Eric's head spinning in a barrage of dizzying sexual encounters. Everyone deserves to have a Mark in their life during their youth. Eric certainly has no complaints.

andrew and eric

Andrew Bois is Eric's mentor and the Patriarch of our 1989 timeline. He first noticed Eric at their favorite Gay dance club, Jake's, eventually convincing him to join his team. Originally from the UK, Andrew came to us through NYC where he wrote a reoccurring column for the Village Voice titled "Bois on Boys" with an obvious Gay bent. Andrew and his team offer Eric an anchor from which to center his life and learn his role in the LGBTQ community.

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aiden and eric live together in what any observer would call a charmed life. Eric's career has brought him prestige, security and happiness. Aiden completes Eric's charmed life in many ways, yet something is missing below the surface. Eric has never been all that open about his past so Aiden tends to learn things as they go. If Aiden were to ever learn that Eric walks through life appearing perfectly happy with a hole in his heart that can't be filled, he'd probably reevaluate more than just their relationship.

aiden and eric

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Patrice was originally sent to Andrew's team by the Mayor's office, serving as a liaison to the LGBTQ community. Patrice's experience and journey offer a great counter-balance to Eric's as they bonded over their first shared project. Patrice's determination and unwavering confidence make her a force to be reckoned with.

patrice and eric

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Robert and Bryce's home may as well be called the LGBTQ Center of the Beach Cities as they constantly host parties, dinners and events in support of their friends and the community. They are the series' loving and established married couple of the 2015 timeline. Anyone would be truly blessed to have friends like these in their lives.

robert and bryce

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