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                                           “AN IMPORTANT FILM,ONE WHICH SHOULD BE SEEN AND DISCUSSED.”                                                      ECHO MAGAZINE-David-Elijiah Nahmod


                                                                       “A SOLID COMPANION TO THE CELLULOID CLOSET.”                                                                         FULVUEDRIVE-IN.COM


                             “A POWERFUL STATEMENT THAT SERVES AS A FIERCE REMINDER OF THE INGRAINED                                                                     HOMOPHOBIA WE STILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH.”                                                                   QUEERGURU


                                  “REMARKABLE FOOTAGE EXPLORING THE ORIGINS OF THIS PARTICULAR BIGOTRY,                                                IT’S ACADEMIC APPROACH IS PROVOCATIVE AND IMPORTANT.”                           

              SHADOWS ON THE WALL-Rich Cline



Greetings from Los Angeles,
The recent success of LGBT themed films truly illuminates the fact that our stories have merit, resonate and are of interest to members of the broader audience. Marginalized communities need an accurate
record of their own voices in order to preserve their experience and history. It is our hope that HOMOSAYWHAT accomplishes this by calling upon wit, wisdom and even humor.


Even though Marriage Equality is a reality in the United States, all it takes is a job transfer to a less accepting part of the country to turn the world of an LGBT family upside down. Until meaningful national anti-

discrimination legislation is passed no LGBT person or family is entirely safe. HOMOSAYWHAT is a Documentary feature film created by the writer, director and producers of Treading Yesterday. It is our hope that its message will resonate with LGBT persons and their allies while reminding us to remain vigilant as the pendulum of history tends to revert back when it swings unchecked and unchallenged.

Great news!  We’ve acquired distribution through Cinema Libre Studio for HOMOSAYWHAT with a rolling release beginning June 2nd 2020 on VOD and DVD.

Thank you for your continued support and please follow us on Facebook for updates as we look forward to sharing our new film with you all soon!
Treading Yesterday Productions

Available to buy or stream begiining on
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