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       Seasons 1 through 3 of the award winning 30 minute Drama series,

Treading Yesterday is production ready for a programmed total of 24 episodes.

Please contact  Justin Ross at Bohemia Group Originals for  more information including series acquisition.

Pilot Episode 1 - Silent Night, Ubiquitous Light

It all begins during the week before Christmas, Eric and his friends gather to acknowledge friends, past and  present.  A newcomer,  Will inserts himself into the lives of Eric and his friends.  Eric is reminded of his life's greatest regret and sets out to correct it.


Episode 2 - Stray Off The Beaten Path

Eric and Christian regroup after an extended weekend bender.  Eric is shown that tolerance doesn't equal acceptance while  Andrew and his team welcome Eric to his new job.  Eric's Doctor back home reveals interesting details regarding his condition with Aiden, Alex, Luke and Robert.  Christian and Elicious offer Eric moral support  while Eric and Mark find that they share much in common.


Episode 3 - By All Means Necessary And Ribbed

Will and Luke connect over their mutual connection to Eric.  Andrew challenges Eric to understand his relation to the Gay community and its continuing struggle while Eric and Patrice organize for Gay & Lesbian equality. Christian strikes out on a quest while Eric is rescued by an unlikely hero and returns safely with the help of a friend, all in the same night.


Episode 4 - The Case For Dermal Denticles

Supporters of Gay discrimination organize to threaten City hall while promoting their own moral-choice candidate in the mayoral race.  Luke offers to help Will with an important project while Eric gets checked out with the help of a friend.  Eric's unlikely hero  isn't exactly what he seemed.


Episode 5 - City Of Lights With A Side Of Chow mein

Will tests his project with positive results while Andrew shares alarming news with the team.  Alex shines in his new career while friends back home celebrate Aiden's birthday in Eric's absence.  Robert is welcomed by Andrew and his team with open arms.


Episode 6 - The Pttch, A HIt And A Run

Christian reaches the promised land.  Will is urged to take his project public while he and Kayla receive  unexpected news.  The Mayor declines the endorsement of the Gay & Lesbian community and the assistance of Andrew's team as the race tightens.  Will's project is well received with a little help from his friends while Eric publishes his first article calling for understanding and action


Episode 7 - When All Stars Are Aligned

Eric becomes an unlikely spokesperson for Gay & Lesbian equality while Will's business meeting heats up.  Elicious works it from the inside while Eric and Alex fall out over Christian and Aaron steps in.  The mayoral race takes a wild turn.


 Season 1 finale,  Episode 8 - Bed Of Sorrows, Tree Of Life

Will receives welcome news while Christian bets on the wrong horse.    The mayoral election results are in while Andrew makes Eric an offer that he can't refuse.  



Episode 1 – The Palingenesia of Eric Knox

Christian discovers his niche with much success while Eric and Robert arrive in Los Angeles to set up Clarion-West.  Eric returns to the land of the living to find he no longer fits if he ever had. Aiden, surprised by Eric’s return struggles to make sense of his husband while Will and Kayla do all they can to help Eric acclimate.

Episode 2 – Lifting the Penagabur veil

Eric and Robert struggle in their new Garden of Eden while Will attempts to moderate Eric’s rejuvenated appetites. Robert falls hard for a guy in a wet suit while Aiden demands that Eric attend couple’s counseling with him.   Eric can’t find true north no matter how hard he tries.


Episode 3 – The trouble with Prima facie

Aaron heeds the call to head West while things heat up between Robert and Thad.  Eric’s return to the Clarion is less than prophetic while Dr. Miller’s past is revealed to Will.  Eric and Patrice briefly reconnect while Thad struggles with one foot in both worlds. 


Episode 4 – Square rooms, cold hearts & leopard spots

Christian is found…sort of, while Robert confronts Thad on his unhealthy acting out.  Alex enlists the discreet assistance of Aiden and Bryce while Will, Luke and Eric head out on a surf road trip offering insight into the machinations of Will.  Aaron’s rave decent has unintended consequences while Christian answers an unspoken call. .


Episode 5 – One eye on the door, the other on a bull whip

An art exhibit gives homophobes in Congress the weapon that they prayed for while Eric and Robert scramble to join the national conversation with Elicious and Phil arriving to offer back-up.   A troop of teens give inspiration to change the narrative while Robert and Eric enlist the services of some locals. 


Episode 6 – strange bedfellows in pelican briefs

Elicious, Phil and the team declare loudly that Hate Is Not a Family Value while Eric receives an ecclesial summons from an unlikely ally.  Will and his team catch a falling knife while Eric receives sage advice from his mentor.  Travis convinces the residents of Sacramento to Honk to end Hate while the effects of El Nino ripple through both timelines.


Episode 7 – SSDD

The Governor of California rules on Gay and Lesbian job protections while Eric realizes the truth behind history repeating itself.  Robert is inspired by a chance encounter while Will learns that in business fortune favors the bold.  The guys learn the history of their apartment from a Gay lothario while Robert regains his equilibrium by striking back at the reparative therapy machine.


Season 2 finale, 

Episode 8 – Wrestling the scythe away

Christian’s career hits warp speed while Eric, Elicious and Phil agree to Act Up.  Eric attempts an eleventh hour Hail Mary to prevent Houston from returning to the dark ages while Christian learns that no one can side-step a fait accompli in the Big Apple.  Long overdue welcome news brings a dire reaction.


Episode 1- Palingenesia 2.0, Robert Fox

Will wanders the coast of Thailand while Robert returns.  Andrew arrives unexpectedly for a visit while Finn accepts a ride with serious consequences.


Episode 2- Gare Du Nord, an order of toast and a Damron guide

Eric & Finn reconnect while Will experiences far east hospitality.  Eric and Alex return to Houston to visit Patrice and confront some unresolved issues while Christian jet-sets it around Europe.


Episode 3- Wobbly legs, a hasty retreat and things we convince ourselves are true

A demonstration against the media’s depiction of Gays & Lesbians kicks off a season of protest for the Clarion staff while Will leaves his heart in Thailand.  Eric and Finn’s relationship cause dramatic waves while Robert and Eric head out to parts forgotten but not unknown.


Episode 4- Long forgotten but not entirely unknown

Will discovers what he couldn’t have learned at home while Eric and Robert explore Amsterdam and all of its liberating vices.  Christian returns to New York to confront the new normal while Finn narrowly escapes harm thanks to his quick reflexes and Nick’s getaway skills.


Episode 5- Cognitive dissonance and other protective gear

Eric and Robert ride a fast train to Paris while Finn goes missing.  Andrew faces uncertainty as Will confronts Alex over what he’s learned in his travels.


Episode 6- All eyes fixed on you

Bedside manner for two as a new journey is sparked by good fitting underwear.


Episode 7- Safety in numbers

Andrew calls for a singular focus while Carol answers his need for back-up.   All agree to descend upon the Academy Awards while Luke learns that there’s some truth in idioms.


Season 3 finale,

Episode 8- The Oscars & Janus’

Phil finds help on the inside while Will’s awarded a new convertible.  Hollywood’s biggest night and the Gays are going to fight!  Eric confronts the Janus’ truth.

*Please contact  Justin Ross at Bohemia Group Originals for  more information including series acquisition.

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